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Eibar – Guiputkoa 


Located near Bilbao, has 1,000 Sqm of built surface, state-of-the-art machinery and professional Team capable of fully satisfyng market requierements.

Mim Tech Alfa, is able to supply finished and assembled parts, even if they require machining processes, surfaces treatments etc…, operations mostly integraded in our holding.

Mim Tech Alfa complies with all legal requirements that enable it to maintain equilibrium with the surrounding environement.


As shown in the table above, MIM technology has no competiton in the production of large series of small parts with high geometric complexity and superior mechanical proprierties. The main characteristics that identify a part as being suitable for this process are shown in the following table:


TOLERANCES: The MIM process has a

Tolerance range of ± 0,5%, depending on factors such as material, location of the injection point, thermal treatment and in general, the shape of the part.

Tighter tolerances can be discussed depending on the factors mentioned above and other operations such as straightening, machining special controls on process, or high-precision adjustement of tools

Recommendations regarding tolerances:

A) Close tolerances should only be specified on funcional dimensions

B) Position dimensions must have higher tolerance.





Eibar Precision Casting, S.L. i

s dedicated to the production of aluminum, steel and superalloy components by the process of lost wax (microfusion).

We are a company with a vocation for service and proximity to the customer, participating from the beginning of the projects, supporting with our powerful engineering and providing the best technical solutions.

The production process of Lost Wax allows a great freedom in the design of the pieces, obtaining shapes and characteristics impossible to obtain, in a single piece, by other means.

Thanks to our technology, in constant development, and to the experience acquired during these years, we can guarantee the quality of our product and respond to the technical demands of the most demanding industries and sectors.

Eibar Precision Casting has the most modern production means for the processes of injection and assembly of waxes, ceramic coatings, air and vacuum casting, thermal treatments, and other finishing processes (machining,) that allow us to manufacture complex components in different materials (special steels, nickel base alloys, aluminum).

All processes and energy consumption are monitored and controlled in real time.

Eibar Precision Casting has the latest means of control, required in sectors as demanding as aeronautics, rail, defense and automotive.                                                                                                       For this we have:  Radiographic Inspection  – Inspection for Penetrating Liquids – Testing Laboratory           Traction – Micrography – Macrography – Etc.


  • Aluminum:          A – 356 T6  //  A – 357 T6
  • Stainless Steel:   15 – 5 PH / 17 – 4 PH   //  304 / 316L    // 42CrMo4  // Other Materials
  • Super Alloys:      INCO  718  //  INCO 625  // C1023                                                                                                                                                                                         


  • Lloyd’s Register:  ISO 9001:2015     ISO 9100: 2016